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I love spending time getting to know each one of the pets i look after.

If you are at work all day, do shift work, or are unable to attend your pets needs for any reason, then we are here to help.

Frequent or occasional dog walking

We provide a dog walking service around the beautiful countryside and woods of Appleton, and the surrounding areas of the lovely Cheshire countryside. Each walk lasts up to an hour (depending on the dogs needs), we never let the dog off the lead, (unless written consent has been given by the owner) Poochinies provide bio-degradable doggie bags as we are becoming more environmentally friendly.

We can walk up to a maximum of three dogs. However, this depends on the clients wishes and behavior of the dogs.

Puppy and dog daily visits/sitting

Sometimes it is simply unavoidable that you have to leave your dog unattended, and this is where we can help.

We can provide daily visits to your home - a standard visit last for 30 minutes working to your instructions. We will feed and fuss them and toilet them.

Kitten and cat daily visits/sitting

This is a perfect alternative to a cattery, boarding kennels, or imposing on your family, friends or neighbors. Daily visits to your home, allows your cat to stay in comforts and familiar surroundings of their own home. Cats in particular are known to be lease stressed in their own surroundings, and do much better in the place they know the best. Our personalized service allows your cat to remain in the comfort and security of their own home.

A standard visit last for 30 minutes working to your instructions. We will feed and fuss them, clean their litter trays, bowls.

We can even bring in your mail and newspaper, take out the rubbish, open and close curtains, water plants and turn lights on or off depending on the time of day. Your home will have that lived in look during your absence which provides the bonus of security for your premises whilst you are away.

(We recommend a minimum of two visits a day.)

Small animal (bird, fish, rabbit, and guinea pig) visits/sitting

We also provide a service for small pets such as birds, fish, rabbits and guinea pigs, and can make daily visits to your home to attend to them whilst you are away.

Key holder service

We can keep your keys on file which means we can be called in an emergency, for example lost or stolen keys, delayed home returns, unexpectedly called away.

All keys are secured and coded, addresses are stored in a separate location from keys. Our key service is also fully insured.

Pet product collection

If you would like any pet products collecting, than we can help with this too. For example: pet prescriptions, all pet foods, cat litter, straw...

Shopping, collecting/signing for a parcel/delivery watering plants, putting out bins, arrange for home repairs/maintenance etc... email or telephone for a friendly chat on 07984535530