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I love spending time getting to know each one of the pets i look after.

I have always had a love of animals especially dog's and cats. I had a Labrador dog Sandy for seventeen years the vet said that she was the oldest Labrador dog he had ever known; she was my best friend when I was growing up.

I have looked after Farm animals, and stay at a friends farm when they go on Holiday, they have Geese, Chickens, three dogs, two cats, Ducks, two Horses and a couple of Pigs....I thoroughly enjoy every second...even though I'm totally exhausted at the end of my stay.....

Animals have the most amazing way of communicating, but mostly the only time they need to communicate is for extra attention such as playtime or cuddles, and also if they feel anxious or worried, and of course unwell.
I am currently studying a diploma in Animal Communication and love every second of it. It has given me a greater insight into the animal's I care for and there behavioural pattens and emotional states, 'a proper little Dr Dolittle!!'

Robbie Dog, the funniest dog on four legs. Robbie came to me out of the blue, he was about to be put back into the dog's home, and was only eleven month's old at the time and full of fun and mischeif. I am his third owner so you can imagine how confused he was, he didn't know weather he was coming or going - well he was definitely staying! Robbie is so beautiful and with that Terrier trait "full of fun". I have found a real friend in him, and he is very friendly with other dogs and loves to play with them.

I know how special pets are to people and how important they are to each person, each and every-one has a unique and different personality. I love walking and have done some beautiful walks around Appleton and the surrounding areas, in fact we are quite lucky to live in such a beautiful place - the perfect place for dog walking. I have looked after all different kinds of pets and animals and it has been "and still is" a pleasure to care for them.

Poochinies are fully insured and hold a full police check, these documents will be provided on our first visit to our clients. (and can be produced on request) also recommendations on request.